Hello and welcome to Ten Octaves

Our website is entirely dedicated to creating quality toys and gifts for children aged 1 to 6 . Most of the toys that you will find in our store are because of their eco-friendly and organic materials as well as with their outstanding design. We put on only toys with responsible manufacturing processes. With the assistance of cognitive learning professionals, we carefully choose products in our store.

What we are left with are well-designed toys created in a responsible manner and for the purposes of developing young minds. Our eco-friendly toys are made of completely organic materials and you will find unique toys within this store that you would not find within a typical retail location.

Whether you are looking for the best gift for a friend's child or relative, or you want the absolute best for your own children we have a wide array of appropriate gifts for children aged 1 to 6.

Our designers are located all across the world in Germany, Canada, the UK, USA and France. We work together as an international initiative to design products which are on trend in many areas of the world. By combining the unique vision of designers in many international locations we can gather products which can appeal to a worldwide marketplace.

Our products are award winners in the design and toymaking process and we feel as though we have a social responsibility to provide toys in our collection which are crafted with quality and made to serve a purpose for children. Our requirements are strict. As a result, we can provide polished, well designed, safe and useful toys and novelties for children aged 1-6.

Feel free to browse our online catalogue or contact us today for more information on our company.