About us

We believe that it is a reflection of a giver's personality, taste, background and personal value when a gift is presented. The process is expressed through understanding of another human being without uttering one single word. The result is more profound if this is for a child. It doesn't matter if this person is your own child, a relative, a friend, a client or your one of a kind inner child. The relationship deserves celebration.

Having carefully selected toys/gifts ready for your next opportunity to communicate and give a heartfelt touch is very important to us. We happen to be really good at picking the right ones. Team Ten Octaves follow stringent requirements when choosing products for our shop. Outstanding design/quality, Safety, Organic Fabric, Socially Responsible Process, Eco-Friendly material are some of the aspects we carefully consider everyday.

Our Slogan is "Think Inner child". Grasp the opportunities to educate and understand that inner child, you are influencing the future.